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You heard correctly…

On Saturday 2nd April the 100th and FINAL Physio Matters Podcast went LIVE!

To celebrate this landmark, Jack didn’t wrap up at 60-90 minutes as usual and instead ploughed on into the night for a 24 hour interview marathon!

He was joined by over 50 guests from around the world including former TPMP favourites and a few that you’ve been begging us to have on the show for years!

The live stream was also raising money for the brilliant new non-profit Freehab who are bridging the gap between public and private MSK care for those who can’t afford it!

Visit Freehab via the link below to support a great cause: 

If you missed the live show, you don’t have to miss out, you can watch the recordings of all of our heroes below:


Join Jack Chew and get comfortable as his 24 hour podcast marathon begins!

15:00 - OPENING

Join Jack Chew and get comfortable as his 24 hour podcast marathon begins!


Jack is joined by Elaine Miller whose 2019 Physio Matters Podcast was arguably on the wrong subject… Elaine is a world reknowned Women’s Health expert but despite appearing on the wonderfully numbered ‘Session 69’, they chatted about incointinence rather than sex?! Maybe they’ll go there this time, but regardless of what they discuss, they’re bound to have a laugh!


Jack is joined by Matt Phillips, the man who puts the evidence back into running injury and performance! Matt is an expert conversationalist as the host of Run Chat Live and the STA Podcast so there will be at least one smooth talker in this slot…


Jack is joined by Debs Stanton who can pretty reasonably be considered the Physio Matters Hand Chief! Before we found Debs, the hands were a mystery to most MSK therapists and they avoided them far too often! Debs has helped us all to improve our competance in the management of wrist and hand problems via Physio Matters, Therapy Live and Rheumatology.Physio!


Jack is joined by Rupert Crowfoot! Ru is a director of Six Physio and co-founder of the MSK Partners network so expect a high level talk about all things Therapy Business, policy reform and what Rupert feels the healthcare industry can learn from the military and corporate worlds he used to inhabit!


Jack is joined by Rhiannon Griffiths; the queen of menopause! Rhiannon’s brilliant Therapy Live presentation in March 2021 shone a light on just how in need the MSK industry was of an expert to walk us through the influnece of the menopause on pain, injury and health. Her subesquent Physio Matters Podcast in Sept 2021 was the fastest non-MSK podcast to reach 20,000 downloads so expect another box office chat in this slot!


Jack is joined by Andrew Walton; the executive chair of Connect Health and director of MSK-PN. Andrew has been a supporter of Physio Matters for many years and unlike many who have the sense to keep their distance, he’s also been a supporter of Jack Chew the bloke! Expect a wide reaching chat spanning clinical excellence, health policy and entrepreneurship.


Jack is joined by Jonathan Bell! Jonathan is an knee surgeon at Wimbledon clinics who is passionate about joined up MDT care provision. When he and Jack get together they tend to meander between pathologies, pathways, policies and politics! Good luck to them keeping it to 30 mins!


Jack is joined by Nick Grantham; the strength and conditioning coach who broke the internet back in 2017 with a podcast that many associate as the start of the S&C revolution in Physiotherapy! Back then Nick was interviewed by Mark Reid so let’s see how he gets on with the obvious downgrade of Jack…

19:30 - JO TURNER

Jack is joined by Jo Turner! Jo has almost single handedly made the MSK industry thoughtful about introspection, coaching and self-care. Expect a fun chat about all things feels as Jo is also Jack’s coach! As he approaches the evening she might need to give him a pep talk!


Jack is joined by Stu Wildman, the genius behind the Ultrasound Site and one of the pioneers of point of care diagnostic ultrasound scanning in the MSK industry! It’s perfect timing for Stu to update us all on the evidence, the policy reforms and the accessibility progress in his specialism.


Jack is joined by Adam Meakins! Mr Marmite was first on The Physio Matters Podcast in June 2014 for session 7! He’s been on a few shows since including a three hour podcast in a pub to celebrate our first 1 million downloads! He and Jack were so drunk that the third hour was incoherent so here’s hoping they don’t get carried away this time…


Jack is joined by Ali Beverley; the LD Physio! Perhaps the most ambitious Physio in the world, Ali is seeking to make healthcare better for people with learning disabilities. His is a brilliant and important cause that we have been proud to support over the years so it will be great to get an update on how he’s getting on and learn how you can better serve all your patients by improving your communications.


Jack is joined by Charlotte Chew! Charlotte is to blame for all this madness! By that we don’t mean this livestream (which she of course rolled her eyes at!) but The Physio Matters Podcast itself! On hearing Jack whinge about the state of the MSK CPD industry one evening in 2013 she made the mistake of saying ‘Well could you do better?’. She now serves as COO to the Chews empire alongside her role as a Paeds Physio at RMCH. Hope the twins are asleep by this slot?!

22:00 - PAUL COKER

Jack is joined by Paul Coker! Former medical director of Rocktape UK, Paul was a guest on our very first debate podcast back in Dec 2014! Now the owner and director of Move Cornwall, Paul is passionate about intergrating hands on care and movement rehabilitation so it’s always great to hear him and jack sparring about evidence, ethics, tape, rubs and rehab!

22:30 - BRAD NEAL

Jack is joined by Brad Neal; AKA Mr Knee Cap… Rumour has it that Brad will be talking about knee caps because he knows very little else. Actually, these days that’s a harsh gag because he’s an academic and educator now so has loads of interesting opinions that he and Jack can get stuck into before we descend into the night shift!

23:00 - LIZ BAYLEY

Jack is joined by Liz Bayley! We’ve been delighted to raise the profile of many fantastic therapists over the years and Liz Bayley is a great example of a star that was always destined to rise! Liz is a dance and performing arts specialist Physio in the West End so expect a chat about how she got there and what you must look out for when managing dance injuries.


Jack is joined by Yash Gurevich! Yash is one of Jack’s former mentees so it will be interesting to hear how he put up with Jack’s ramblings and whether he ever learnt anything!? Yash is our first overnight Aussie guest so get used to the accent as we switch timezones!

00:00 - BEN ELLIS

Jack is joined by Ben Ellis. Ben Ellis is a Physiotherapist and educator at the University of Birmingham with a background in Neuro rehab. Ben and Jack LOVE to disagree but over time have ended up with irritatingly similar opinions! Let’s see if we can get them to talk about education, politics and social policy for some fireworks like the old days!


Jack is joined by Tim Allardyce! Tim is the creator and owner of , the longest serving sponsor of The Physio Matters Podcast! Tim is one of the most sucessful tech entrepreneurs in our industry and loves to build tools that solve problems! His appearance on TPMP has been long awaited so it will be great to hear his thoughts on the MSK industry and how the RMP-PM combo can continue to innovate together!


Jack is joined by Karli Gibson; long time supporter of the show and now superstar at Designed to Move and IPRS Health! Karli and Jack were long overdue a catch up so lets see them reminsice on a livestream whilst he’s knackered because she’s bound to make him up! Karli is a creative and thoughtful rehab Physio whose take on our work is always hugely valued. This slot will be a belter!

01:30 - TOM JESSON

Jack is joined by Tom Jesson. Tom is a Texan with a geordie twang who knows more about sciatica than most. Tom originally joined the Physio Matters team as a student and has since become an author, speaker and all round hero. Expect to learn lots about sciatica and an update on his upcoming Cauda Equina book.


Jack is joined by Ash James. Ash has small children which is the only explanation for his 2am slot unless he’s turning up after a night out!? Last year we made the conscious effort to stop calling Ash a ‘Rising Star’. This year he was appointed as a Director of the CSP. The lad has risen. It’ll be great to get an update from Ash about how his new role is going and whether he misses Occupational Back Pain yet…

02:30 - ERIK MEIRA

Jack is joined by Erik Meira. Erik is Jack’s all American hero! As his US podcasting counterpart and role model, Erik may need to lead the interview due to Jack being star struck/tired. Expect some clinical insights into hip and knee pathologies and Erik hopefully schooling Jack on the art of podcasting…


Jack is joined by James McCauley; Australia based neuroscientist and researcher with a special interest in the management of lower back pain. James also joined Jack a few years back for a podcast on LGBT issues in the industry so perhaps they’ll wander into some non-clinical territory too! James is always a brilliant speaker so whetever the subject, expect some late night entertainment!

03:30 - NEIL MEIGH

Jack is joined by Neil Meigh; The Kettlebell Physio! Neil is a long time supporter of the show and recently completed his PhD so the timing of this event is perfect! Jack will be getting into Neil’s research and hearing how ‘The BELL Trial’ should inform MSK practice!


Jack is joined by David Hunter. David is a professor at the University of Sydney specialising in the research, education and communication of all things Osteoarthritis! David’s Joint Action podcast is a fantastic resource for patients who can access the best and brightest minds in the industry. This will be agreat slot to get up to speed on the latest thinking around the diagnosis and management of OA.


Jack is joined by Blaise Doran. Jack once decsribed his friend Blaise as his ‘Philosophical Non-Exec’! Neither him nor Blaise are likely to know what that even meant… but in brief, they LOVE a deep and meaningful chat! Blaise is a Paeds specialist so we’re excited to hear his take on Paeds pain and injury as well as how he informs his practice with his philosophical and sociological interests.


Jack is joined by Christian Barton. Chris has been on the ‘To Interview’ list for many years so it’s a big win to get him on our last show! Christian is a world reknowned knee researcher and expert clinician based in Melbourne Australia. His interest in knowledge translation of best practice MSK means that he and Jack won’t be stuck for something to talk about!


Jack is joined by Anna Maria Mazzieri; the legend in charge of the Physio Matters massage partner ‘The School’. Anna is a force for reform in the massage therapy wing of the MSK industry and is passionate about integrating therapeutic touch and rehabilitation. Expect a 100mph chat where Anna and Jack talk over each other for 20 minutes and laugh for the remaining 10.


Jack is joined by Michael Schumacher. (No…not that one…). Michael is the director of HMDG and head of Marketing for Physio Matters. He’s made some waves in recent years by bringing marketing expertise to an industry lacking any experience and confidence in the art form! Michael and Jack love nothing more than a sales and marketing chat. Let’s see how it goes at 6am after an all-nighter!


Jack is joined by Matt Scarsbrook! The first of the Physio Matters core team on the livestream is the most recent addition! Matt is one of the world’s leading educators in the communication of what manual therapy does and doesn’t do! So he’s an expert in the most divisive topic in trhe MSK game. So bring popcorn to this one!

07:30 - ROB TYER

Jack is joined by Rob Tyer; the first Physio Matters team member recruited from Twitter. What a brave move that was… Rob is currently writing a book with Tom Jesson about CES, delivering a popular course on lower limb tendinopathy with Nick Lividas and teaching at an exciting new facility in the North East. I think they’ll find somthing to chat about…


Jack is joined by Angela Jackson. Angie is increasingly our go-to educator on the subject of adolescent MSK injuries. Join her and Jack on Sunday morning to discuss why strong youth athletes still get injured!


Jack is joined by Alex McKenzie. Alex is the chair of council at the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy and will be joining Jack to discuss CSP news and her vision for the organisation. Her 2021 podcast reflecting on a wild 2020 in the profession was popular so this catch up with Jack is bound to be interesting and worth tuning in for at breakfast!

09:00 - VAL JONES

Jack is joined by Val Jones! The woman who made elbow rehab sexy. Before Val there were shoulder specialists, hand specialists and those who occasionally whispered about the forbidden joint in the middle… But since her 2018 TPMPodcast and subsequent Therapy Live performances the elbow is the fastest growing ‘fave joint’ in MSK practice* (Possibly fabricated*)


Jack is joined by Steve Miller. Steve runs Grow.Physio and helps new grads gain insights into MSK and Sports rehabilitation. Steve worked in elite sport for years and looks very good in a tracksuit. He and Jack will be discussing whether or not Steve’s beard is ginger, how quickly they can each tape a knee and whether he’s ever referred an athlete for a seahorse placenta injection…


Jack is joined by Ben Cormack. Founder and Director of Corkinetic Ben Cormack joins Jack to discuss movement liberation, biomechanics, touch, exercise prescription, pain and how he puts up with Meakins when working on the Better Clinician Project?!


Jack is joined by Pavni Acharya. Pavni was a guest on our Patient Matters spin off show where she kindly shared her story of overcoming persistant pain as a child under the care of Rhiannon Joslin and colleagues. Pavni is joining us for a catch up as she would like fewer to go through what she had to before getting the care she needed.


Jack is joined by Sarah Tribe and Sandra Harding; the brains behind HCPG. The governesses of governance join Jack as a follow up to their Health matters podcast back in 2019. Tune in to hear how you can do more to be compliant and why regulation may be looming.


Jack is joined by Paula Deacon. A podcast interview with Paula in 2015 went so well that Jack actually went to work for her for 3 years in Staffordshire! Paula is the Clinical Lead at the CMAPS service and Associate Director of Governance for MSKReform. Tune in to hear Paula’s take on the future of MSK services as we revisit some of the questions from almost 7 years ago!

12:30 - ROB BEAVEN

Jack is joined by Rob Beaven. Everyone fave chiro is finally on the main show! Join Jack and Rob as they talk about cracky backy, MSK rehab, inter-professional relations and the future of therapy buisiness.

13:00 - JO GIBSON

Jack is joined by Jo Gibson! A legend of the game, Jo Gibson has done it all. Leading clinician, researcher, educator and now three time Physio Matters Podcast guest! Jo and Jack are always spoilt for topics so expect some shoulder chatter, some BPS musings and some remininising about how the times are a’changing!


Jack is joined by Claire Robertson; AKA Claire Patella! A recent Physio Matters guest and headliner at the 2022 Therapy Live event June 25th! Claire is an absolute encyclopedia of practical knee rehab info and never shys away from a juicy clinical discussion so expect a rather sleep deprived Jack to ask some awkward questions about ITBs, PFPs and other stuff around there!


Jack is joined by Melrose Stewart! Dr Melrose Stewart MBE is quite the legend to be wrapping up the livestream with! Her Physio Matters Podcast regarding race relations in the wake of George Floyd’s murder in 2020 was a very helpful intervention and proved to be a really popular episode. Melrose is passionate about rehab, Physio and healthcare in general. Always a great conversationalist so let’s hope Jack’s on form!

14:30 - FINALE!

Join Jack Chew as he wraps up his 24 hour podcast marathon …

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