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Health care is a confusing world, with misinformation, conflicting advice and ideas, how do you know what’s trustworthy?

Your Health Matters is the only podcast specifically geared towards guiding you, the patient through this murky world, featuring world leading experts in the fields of Musculoskeletal medicine, general medicine, and public health. We break down the science to give you actionable, evidence based takeaways that you can implement today. To not only start feeling better, but also to improve your understanding. Because “your health matters”.

  • Empower patients to take actional steps to understanding health and recovery
  • Break down complex topics into simple understandable take away points
  • Feature world leading experts in their respective fields


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Rob Beaven

Dave Elliot


The TPMP team did an amazing job in streaming the Runchatlive International Running Conference 2019. The biggest fear of any conference organiser is issues with filming & streaming. From the moment the TPMP team arrived at the venue, my fear disappeared. Systems were put in place, checks were done, leaving me able to crack on happily with the rest of my duties. Feedback from virtual delegates was excellent: wonderfully clear instructions for joining, perfect video quality, polite & professional online communication throughout. I have had no hesitation in requesting the services of TPMP for this year's Runchatlive Running Conference and would most definitely recommend TPMP to anybody looking for reliability & professionalism.

Matt Phillips
Director - Run Chat Live

The ATOCP ran two very successful conference is 2017 and 2018. TPMP provided social media coverage of the events. This included the streaming of sessions which have been watched by many physiotherapists that couldn’t attend on the day. During both of these events Jack Chew hosted the debates and facilitated a balanced discussion between the opposing sides. TPMP’s presence at the conference vastly increased the ATOCP’s social media presence and was a welcome addition to our events.

Anthony Gilbert
Chair - The ATOCP

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