The Events

For 2023, our live events are getting into the DETAIL!

Join our exclusive monthly masterclass sessions, led by the leading thinkers in the MSK industry who will help you to refine your assessment and treatment skills ready for clinical practice.

Focus your attention just one morning each month and you will edge towards the MSK mastery that will decrease your stress and improve your outcomes! Select individual topics or get the whole season!

Next Up: Physio Matters Lower Limb Masterclass
After the success of the innovative new format focussing on the Upper Limb, The Physio Matters Masterclass is back. This month we focus on the Lower Limb with our leading speakers detailing best practice care and evidence based updates. We are bringing together 8 webinars across 2 concurrent streams, covering the Hip, Knee, Ankle and Foot!

The Physio Matters Masterclass Season

Every one of our Masterclass sessions is free to premium members!


Upper Limb Masterclass –
Wednesday January 25th 2023

Lower Limb Masterclass –
Wednesday February 22nd 2023

Therapy Live –
Saturday June 24th 2023

Lower Limb Masterclass

Wednesday February 22nd 2023
6pm – 9pm | £20

Far too many clinicians get lazy with their lower limb rehabilitation… they dish out their favourite squat flavour, steadily reintroduce twisting and cross their fingers.

Sure it might help some people some of the time but we KNOW we can do better and enjoy our work far more with the right guidance from the right experts. Join us for an evening with the leading MSK therapists, researchers and educators in the industry. Two concurrent streams, eight top quality sessions on the ultimate learning platform.

Upper Limb Masterclass

Wednesday January 25th 2023
6pm – 9pm | £20

Stubborn tennis elbows, sluggish frozen shoulders and recurrent De Quervains will phase you no more after this Physio Matters Masterclass event with our leading upper limb MSK experts.

As is the PM way, we will be drawing on a multi-disciplinary MSK faculty to identify, rehab, intervention and surgical targets to optimise individualised care so that you can mature out of the repetitive grind of generic care. Join us for an evening of top quality education over two streams with full recording access at Physio-Matters.Com with every ticket.