MSK Re-emerging – The Physio Matters State of the Industry Survey

This last 18 months has certainly thrown some curveballs and the adaptation of the MSK industry has been astounding. As we re-emerge, the drive to help patients with their pain and injury seems as strong as ever yet some things have changed. Tensions are high and in some quarters we seem at odds with each other with some even suggesting that we face insurmountable challenges!

For 8 years Physio Matters have been proud to ask challenging questions instead of defaulting to the assumption that we understand. We want to continue this trend and deepen our understanding of your views on the MSK industry to identify how we might best help you to help more people!

Your responses to this survey will be uncoupled from your personal information and will therefore never be identifiable.

If you complete the survey, you will receive a full report of its findings by email shortly after it closes. You will also be entered into a competition to win premium membership access to the CPD library!

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