The Shoulder Bundle: Webinars covering management of the most common shoulder conditions.

The shoulder bundle contains webinars covering sports-specific rehab, injections, shoulder instability, the rotator cuff, scapula dyskinesia and shoulder stiffness from shoulder experts such as Jo Gibson, Anju Jaggi, Adam Meakins and Ian Horsley.


10 x webinars


Hours of best in class CPD

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Does the shoulder make you shudder? It shouldn’t… if you’re armed with our expert content!

Who should buy this bundle?

The Shoulder Bundle is perfect for MSK generalists as well as those who work in a more specialised upper limb setting. Whether you are treating sporting shoulder injuries, instability of insidious subacromial pain, our experts offer contemporary advice, incuding when you may need to seek a surgical opinion.

What you get:

Webinar: Scapula Dyskinesia Disconnect - Adam Meakins

Adam Meakins sheds light on his least favourite and most contentious aspect of shoulder pathology – scapula movement!

Webinar: Rehabbing the Shoulder for Contact - Ian Horsley

Ian Horsley, Technical Lead Physiotherapist for the Upper Limb at the English Institute of Sport is the perfect person to take us through the key factors in returning to contact post-shoulder injury.

Webinar: Creating a robust and durable shoulder for climbers - Uzo Ehiogu

Uzo Ehiogu, Clinical Teaching Fellow at the Royal Orthopaedic Hospital, Birmingham, takes us through the key points to consider when a shoulder patient is returning to climbing.

Webinar: Injections and Rehab for Shoulder pain - David Keene

Should we avoid shoulder injections? David Keene, Lecturer at the University of Oxford takes us through the current literature and where it’s headed.

Webinar: Shoulder Instability - Jo Gibson

The best of the best in shoulder rehabilitation, Jo Gibson shares her wisdom on management of the unstable shoulder and when it’s time for a surgical opinion.

Webinar: Is it frozen, cold, or just chilly? A different take on stiff and painful shoulders - Adam Meakins

To stretch or not to stretch? Should we inject and if so, when? Adam Meakins presents in his trademark no=nonsense style, the latest evidence for the management of frozen shoulder.

Webinar: Rotator cuff-related shoulder pain - Andrew Cuff

We’ve moved past ‘impingement’, so what next? APP Andrew Cuff talks us through the research into subacromial pain management.

Webinar: Unstable shoulder - Anju Jaggi

Talking us through the complex area of shoulder instability and the surgical and conservative options, Consultant Physiotherapist Anju Jaggi will help you develop your knowledge of both traumatic and atraumatic instability.

Webinar: Factors affecting the swimming shoulder - Dan Nicholls

Physiotherapist Dan Nicholls shares his wisdom for treating injured swimmers from his experiences at the Olympic and Commonwealth Games.

Webinar: The Cycling neck and shoulder - Kevin Kuppens

Cyclists commonly report shoulder and neck pain – how do we best manage it? Physiotherapist and Chair of the Flemish Shoulder Network Kevin Kuppens shares his knowledge.

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