The Pain Bundle: Webinars to make treating those in pain less painful.

As clinicians, we’re no strangers to pain and it’s reported that 30-50% of the UK population live with persistent pain. If you’re struggling with the complexities of chronicity, look no further than our Pain Bundle featuring experts including those who live with pain themselves; Joletta Belton and Pete Moore.


10 x webinars


Hours of best in class CPD

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Who should buy this bundle?

We all know pain is complex and so many of us are meaning to brush up on our knowledge. This bundle is ideal for the busy clinician looking for bitesize teaching from a wealth of pain experts – including those who live with pain themselves.

What you get:

Webinar: Addressing the Challenge of Low Back Pain: Lessons from the Lancet Series – Nadine Foster

Nadine Foster, Professor and Director of STARS Research and Education Alliance shares her thoughts and the evidence on the challenges of treating low back pain and the response to the Lancet series on that topic.

Webinar: Lived Experience as a Valued Form of Knowledge – Joletta Belton

Joletta Belton is widely known as an advocate for those who live with pain, having been on her own journey through persistent hip pain. In this pre-recorded session she discusses what we can do next with the patient narrative.

Webinar: When Does Tissue Damage Matter? – Julia Gover and Dave Newell

When does tissue damage matter when it comes to pain? Chiropractors Julia Gover and Dave Newell tackle this question head on in a panel discussion.

Webinar: Do Secondary Benefits of Exercise Justify its use for Pain – Ben Cormack

Where are we at with exercise as a treatment for pain? Are there primary benefits? Or secondary benefits we haven’t considered? Ben Cormack talks us through the evidence.

Webinar: The RESOLVE Trial for People with CLBP – James McCauley

Researcher James McCauley shares the at that time unpublished results of the RESOLVE low back pain trial that looks into cognitive approaches to low back pain treatment.

Webinar: Back Pain Epidemic Panel – Derek Griffin, Adam Dobson, Laura Rathbone

A fascinating discussion on the wide ranging and complex issue of low back pain between three area experts, Adam Dobson, Laura Rathbone and Derek Griffin.

Webinar: Persistent Pain in Children – Rhiannon Joslin

Persistent pain is difficult to manage at any age but it can be especially misunderstood in the paediatric population. Specialist Paeds Physio Rhiannon Joslin shares her knowledge.

Webinar: When it Goes Wrong Whilst Getting Strong – Adam Meakins

Adam Meakins is famed for his quote ‘you can’t go wrong getting strong’ but in 2021 he suffered an acute back injury when lifting. In this session he shares his experience of pain and recovery first hand.

Webinar: Is Pain Self-Management Your First Choice or Last Resort? – Pete Moore

The charismatic Pete Moore, founder of the Pain Toolkit talks us through what self-management of pain is to him and what he feels all clinicians should know about it.

Webinar: Sex and Pain – Melissa Farmer

Dr Melissa Farmer combines two of her areas of expertise; neuroscience and sexual health in this fascinating and wide-ranging session on pain in sex.

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