The Paeds Bundle: Webinars to get you up to speed on paeds.

Child and adolescent patients…they’re not just mini adults! Make sure you’re up to date with how to manage under 18s in your care with our Paeds Bundle featuring talks from Mike James, Angela Jackson and Nick Grantham.


10 x webinars


Hours of best in class CPD

Paeds Bundle

Who should buy this bundle?

If you’re working in general MSK practice, this is the perfect bundle to build your confidence in a number of not-to-be-missed conditions in the younger population. Also ideal for those working in U18 sports and specific paediatric MSK care.

What you get:

Webinar: Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis – Jack March

A must-watch from our very own Jack March for anyone assessing the paediatric population: how to spot Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis and what to do next.

Webinar: Adolescent Knee Pain – Michael Rathleff

Prof Michael Rathleff delivers his session covering advice on how to treat children and adolescents with non-traumatic knee pain.

Webinar: Helping Children and Their Families in Complex Cases Panel – Rachel Keetley, Naomi McVey, Jack Chew

Who is there to advocate for children and their families in complex cases? Naomi McVey and Rachel Keetley share their personal experiences involving their sons’ journeys and the issues they faced along the way.

Webinar: Traction Apophysitis – Tom Quantrell

Looking to brush up on your knowledge of Osgood Schlatters and other traction apophysitis problems? Physiotherapist Tom Quantrell takes us through their management.

Webinar: Persistent Pain in Children – Rhiannon Joslin

Persistent pain can be difficult to manage at any age but it can be especially misunderstood in the paediatric population. Specialist Paeds Physio Rhiannon Joslin shares her knowledge.

Webinar: Weight Training for Children – Nick Grantham

Performance Enhancement Specialist Nick Grantham shares his experience and advice for strategies within youth physical development.

Webinar: Managing the Junior Endurance Athlete – Mike James

Mike James, Physiotherapist, shares his wisdom of managing athletes in the junior age range.

Webinar: Adolescent Pars Fracture – Angela Jackson

What happens before you get to spondylolisthesis? Angela Jackson tells us what not to miss.

Webinar: ACL Ruptures in Girls - Causes, Consequences and Solutions – Stefan Kluzek

Sport and Exercise Medicine Doctor Stefan Kluzek talks us through the factors that contribute to ACL rupture risk and some solutions we can use in the female adolescent population.

Webinar: Young Spondylolysthesis – Angela Jackson

Adolescent stress fractures are one of Angela Jackson’s specialist subjects so who better to talk us through diagnosis and management of this not-to-be-missed injury.

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