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Individualise your CPD with one to one clinical mentoring from the Physio Matters team! We are the leading online educators with experience supporting the learning of students to PhD holders!

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Rachel Chester

HSC Staff

As a Clinical Academic I knew it was important to disseminate the results of my research using methods other than peer reviewed journals. How could others benefit from our research if I didn’t disseminate it in ways preferred or accessible to them. However, I wasn’t confident doing oral presentations at large conferences. I hadn’t considered podcasts and social media skills as important in my career previously and found them somewhat daunting. However, their absence meant missing out on potentially valuable discussions and critique from clinical and academic colleagues. Jack and the team provided an excellent series of 1:1 coaching, providing accurate constructive feedback, lots of tips and things to practice. Having delivered several larger oral presentations and now my first podcast I feel so much more confident. Thank you!

tom walker


Several years ago, I was working in a clinical setting that I enjoyed, with a great team, but I wasn’t able to access the level of local clinical mentorship that I felt I needed for my development. As a long-time listener of the Physio Matters podcast, and firmly aligned with their progressive views so the option of remote mentoring with them seemed like an obvious choice!
The mentorship sessions where engaging, challenging, and were structured to meet my identified clinical needs. These took place in the form of case-studies and semi-structured discussion around a wide area of MSK related topics, from the challenges of effective communication to management of red flag pathology. 
I am currently working in an Advanced Practitioner role in a challenging community MSK setting, and it’s fair to say that the mentoring sessions were instrumental in me taking key steps in achieving this. For anyone considering the option of remote mentoring, then I’d thoroughly recommend Physio Matters.

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