If you’ve made it this far you should know enough of ‘The Physio Matters Way‘ to expect guidance rather than rules! We value autonomy, discussion, free expression, debate, trust and an inclusive take on professionalism. So please give these points a read on joining, refer back to them if needs be and let us know if you feel strongly about them or their application.

Your PM+ Community Guidelines


A three strike rule is in play when it comes to what we deem to be ‘bad behaviour’. If you’re stifling debate, being dismissive or disrupting in a consistently negative fashion we will be in touch with a strike.


A zero-tolerance policy is in play when it comes to abuse. Don’t call people names.
There is no relevant difference between:
‘You are a ****’
‘You’re being a ****’
‘Don’t be such a ****’
‘I’ve never met a **** like you before’


Ask before you assume. Save time by challenging a position that someone actually holds. Use questions to expose nuance and improve the accuracy of any discussion.


Enquire genuinely. Scrutinise your own motives and agendas as you engage in dialogue. Be aware of them and proceed whilst mindful of them.


Being respectful needn’t mean being bland. But be respectful.


We’re not especially sensitive to swearing in general but swearing as a means of demonstrating annoyance towards someone is likely to get you at least a strike.


This is an accountable platform in order for you to be held responsible. You are speaking under your name and are identifiable as an individual. If you edit your profile to anonymise or are found to be using a pseudonym, your account will be removed.


Freedom of speech is not freedom from consequences. The PM+ community will be very lightly moderated. ‘Consequences’ will mainly be social, reputational and professional. If we must, we will suspend or delete accounts.


Some folk like to ponder long term abstract ideas, others like to act on immediate changes. Both are OK, give each other space to think and speak.


Balance the analysis of problems with the proposition and scrutiny of solutions. Contribute to both. If your disposition is to favour one of these over the other, try not to overindulge. Perhaps use this opportunity to study and dabble with other styles; there will be plenty of variety to observe.


This community format is unlikely to be perfect, but it’s a work in progress. Please feedback as constructively as possible and we will endeavour to correct what we can.


Please avoid making these semi-private discussions public by taking screenshots without permission. This lifts quotes from their wider context and negatively impacts on trust and therefore bravery of the PM+ community.

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