The Communication Bundle: webinars to help you perfect your most fundamental skill: communication.

There’s no area in healthcare where communication isn’t key. Our Communication Bundle is a brilliant all-rounder: expert speakers, varied topics and a wealth of CPD in this fundamental skill.

The Communication Bundle has you covered for communication in a range of settings: the subjective assessment for people in pain, comms in marketing your service, speaking to those with learning disabilities, writing good Ortho referrals, and how to use Motivational Interviewing.


10 x webinars


Hours of best in class CPD

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Who should buy this bundle?

Do you work with human beings? We’re not joking when we say that this bundle would suit anyone working in healthcare. There is such a depth of content that there truly is something for everyone, whether you’re newly qualified or looking to update your CPD folder with this variety pack of core skills gold.

What you get:

Webinar: Learning disabilities – Alistair Beverley

Alistair Beverley is a Physiotherapist working with people who have learning disabilities and so is the perfect person to share advice on communicating with those who may have additional needs in our clinics.

Webinar: Goal Setting - Sarah Haag

Physiotherapist Sarah Haag prefers FIRM goals to SMART goals. Take a look at this session to find out how to better identify what it is your patient is aiming for.

Webinar: Truth bombs and myth busting – marketing in healthcare – Michael Schumacher & Rebecca Wilby

Clinic owner? Running an MSK business? Let Rebecca Wilby and Michael Schumacher of HMDG tell you what you need to consider when it comes to your marketing comms.

Webinar: Successful referral relationships with Ortho – Jonathon Bell

Navigating relationships with our Orthopaedic colleagues can be tricky. Knee Surgeon Jonathon Bell shares his tips on communicating with the wider MDT when it comes to patient referrals.

Webinar: Educating the patient for success – Aaron Kubal

Aaron Kubal is a Chiropractor with a huge TikTok following. He practices entirely remotely (that’s right, no manipulations!) and so communication is a massive skill. Here, Aaron share how he communicates with patients and the wider public on social media and beyond.

Webinar: Story telling – Celia Champion

Celia Champion, Managing Director of The Clinic Owner’s Business Club shares how and why story telling can help us, not just with the treatment of patients but within our own practice – in recruitment and in selling our own skills.

Webinar: Motivational Interviewing – Maddy Nicholson

Following the hugely popular Physio Matters Podcast episode on the same subject, Physiotherapist Maddy Nicholson returns to share why and how Motivational Interviewing can be invaluable within our communication skillset.

Webinar: Challenges of expressing a pain experience – Mike Stewart

“I feel so stupid because I can’t give you a proper answer” – we’ve all met people who are struggling to express their pain experience. Mike Stewart presents a brilliant session on pain as an experience and his reflections on feeling helpless as a clinician.

Webinar: Language and communication strategies for manual therapists – Oliver Thompson

Want to update your explanations as to the mechanisms of effect of your manual therapies? Dr Oliver Thompson is an Osteopath with his finger on the pulse of the research to answer how to do exactly that.

Webinar: The subjective assessment reimagined – Mike Stewart

Mike Stewart of Know Pain knows pain! In this session, he leads us on a reflection of our communication in the subjective assessment.

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