The Behaviour Change Bundle: Top class CPD to get the most from your consultations.

Our Behaviour Change Bundle is a wide ranging selection of webinars aimed at helping you and your patients overcome barriers, whether they be to exercise, learning, communication or pain management.


10 x webinars covering the fundamentals of behaviour change


Hours of best in class CPD


Who should buy this bundle?

If you’re a human being who works with human beings, we can’t recommend this bundle enough! Our roles are so tied in with overcoming barriers and this bundle covers a wide range of challenges that face both ourselves and our clients.

What you get:

Webinar: How Do We Learn - Ash James

Physiotherapist Ash James leads this session on learning. He covers common myths and cognitive learning strategies as well as tips for us to use to optimise our own learning as well as in our roles as educators.

Webinar: Goal Setting - Sarah Haag

Physiotherapist Sarah Haag prefers FIRM goals to SMART goals. Take a look at this session to find out how your patients may benefit from this approach to goal setting.

Webinar: Getting Ripped When Ripped - Andrew McCauley

Andrew McCauley, Physiotherapist and S&C expert, shares his wisdom around the vulnerabilities of being injured and what the clinician can do to help.

Webinar: The Subjective Assessment Reimagined- Mike Stewart

Mike Stewart of Know Pain knows pain! In this video he leads us on a reflection of our communication in the subjective assessment.

Webinar: Overcoming Barriers to Exercise for Women Panel – Ann Gates, Ben Wilkins, Marlize DeVivo

Exercise benefits everyone but barriers exist that can restrict women from achieving their minimum recommended amounts. This panel discusses the barriers and how to overcome them.

Webinar: Motivational Interviewing - Maddy Nicholson

Following on from the popular TPMP episode on the same subject, Maddy Nicholson shares the whys and hows of Motivational Interviewing – the crux of communication in behaviour change.

Webinar: The Case for Exercise in Pain - is it worth the effort? - Ben Cormack

We’re always talking about exercise but is it worth the effort for people in pain? Ben Cormack takes us on a journey through the evidence for arguably our most favoured intervention.

Webinar: Language and Communication Strategies for Manual Therapists - Oliver Thomson

It’s not just our patients who are changing behaviours! Dr Oliver Thomson is an Osteopath with his finger on the pulse of the research ready to help you update your explanations as to the mechanisms of effect of your manual therapies.

Webinar: Exposure Therapy for Back Pain - Derek Griffin

Derek Griffin, Physiotherapist and researcher helps us shift the evidence behind graded exposure into practice for our low back pain patients.

Webinar: Facilitating entry level participation panel – Tom Williams, Ben Wilkins, Noel Thatcher

Who better to discuss entry level participation to sports than the founder of Park Run, the CEO of social enterprise Good Boost and a Physiotherapist/Paralympian? We put our panel to the task of talking about the barriers and how to overcome them.

You can watch MSK experts covering topics from how we learn, motivational interviewing, subjective assessment skills and communication strategies to panels discussing barriers to exercise and thought-provoking sessions on exposure therapy and exercise for pain.

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