Adam Meakins’ Top 5 picks: Webinars specially selected for you by Twitter’s best known Physiotherapist, Adam Meakins.

Top class CPD specially selected from our extensive library by Adam Meakins.


5 x webinars chosen by Adam Meakins


5 x bonus webinars – all featuring Adam himself


Hours of best in class CPD


Have you ever caught yourself wondering ‘What would Adam Meakins do?’ When treating a patient? Look no further than his top picks!

Who should buy this bundle?

Whether you’re a fan of Adam Meakins or not, we knew he’d pick a selection of webinars that truly make us think and we were not disappointed! A great pick for any level of clinician involved in rehabilitation. Adam’s own webinars cover a range of shoulder pathologies and his own personal injury journey ‘When it Goes Wrong Getting Strong’ is a must-watch.

What you get:

Webinar: Cognitively rich rehab by Jo Gibson

Shoulder pro Jo Gibson is one of the most respected names in rehabilitation. In this session, she describes how it’s not all planks and dumbbells, and instead how we can make our rehabilitation cognitively rich.

Webinar: The case for exercise by Ben Cormack

We’re always talking about exercise but is it worth it for people in pain? Ben Cormack takes us on a journey through the evidence for arguably our most favoured intervention.

Webinar: Adherence by S&C expert Andrew McCauley

Physiotherapist and S&C Specialist Andrew McCauley presents the importance of some of the psychological factors behind exercise adherence in his typical no-nonsense style.

Webinar: Exposure Therapy by Derek Griffin

Derek Griffin, Physiotherapist and researcher helps us shift the evidence behind graded exposure into practice for our low back pain patients.

Webinar: Spinal Sparing by Ash James

Do we really need to be so concerned about bending? Physiotherapist Ash James talks us through the evidence.

Webinar: Is it frozen, cold, or just chilly? A different take on stiff and painful shoulders by Adam Meakins

To stretch or not to stretch? Should we inject and when? Adam presents in his trademark style the latest evidence for management of the painful and stiff shoulder.

Webinar: Scapula Dyskinesia Disconnect by Adam Meakins

Adam discusses his least favourite aspect of the shoulder in this webinar about scapula movement!

Webinar: Touch – The Debate by Adam Meakins and Matt Scarsbrook

Soft tissue therapist Matt Scarsbrook and Adam Meakins notorious for ‘manual therapy sucks’ take on the subject of touch in therapy head to head.

Webinar: When it Goes Wrong Whilst Getting Strong by Adam Meakins

Famous for the phrase ‘you can’t go wrong getting strong’, Adam shares his personal experience of when it did go wrong getting strong with reflections on his injury journey and the evidence that sits alongside it.

Webinar: Scapulo-Thoracic Pain in Swimmers and Cyclists by Adam Meakins

In this session, Adam gets straight to the point on advice for managing scapula-thoracic pain in both swimmers and cyclists.

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