The Physio Matters Story…

In 2013 MSK Physio Jack Chew had a moan to his girlfriend about the state of CPD. It was dull, repetitive and the gurus were lacking accountability. ‘Can you do better’ was the challenge set by the now Mrs Chew so together they created an educational arm of their clinical business.

Now 8 years on, Physio Matters attracts 50,000 podcast downloads a month, has promoted over 500 leading MSK voices and hosts the largest MSK events in the industry!

Run by a team of highly specialised therapists, techys and budding journalists, Physio Matters is the home of quality MSK education of all formats, styles and flavours!

With a listenership passionately advocating for improvements in evidence based clinical practice, business ethics and healthcare policy, Physio Matters brings together the biggest names and hottest topics in the MSK industry as well as first access to event tickets, coaching opportunities and special offers, all with the aim of helping  you stay at the cutting edge of MSK practice.

“Physio Matters is about raising MSK care standards for the betterment of patients everywhere”

Wonderful presentations on all things MSK and Sport! Physio Matters is an excellent investment for those who want to learn from the very best!

Matthew Boyd

I spend most mornings listening to this brilliant show. Thank you Physio Matters for the insights, we must spread the message to improve quality care for patients.

Jane Cowley

Just treated my brain to a bargain! Waitrose quality, Aldi price!

Archie Burgess

Who We Are

We are a team of MSK therapists and digital experts who combine clinical excellence and specialist user experience knowledge to deliver the best events in the industry. We are a collective passionate about delivering the best educational content in a new digital way that makes sense for today’s MSK audience.

Our Impact

Physio Matters continues to make an impact through influencing the practice of individuals as well as by mobilising its community to advocate for health and education reforms.

We are at the heart of MSK practice and quite literally have the ear of over 30,000 therapists having produced consistent, high quality education since 2013. Whether you’re interested in expert opinion podcasts, CPD events, clinical mentoring or policy reform, we have a proven track record of significant impact in these areas and more.

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