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In 2013, frustrated by the significant delay between evidence and implementation, MSK Physiotherapist Jack Chew began to broadcast interviews with the leading experts in the field for a what became The Physio Matters Podcast.

A community of practice quickly emerged around the podcast and its social media feeds as the listenership passionately advocated for improvements in evidence based clinical practice, business ethics and healthcare policy.

Now run by a ten strong team of highly specialised therapists, techys and budding journalists, Physio Matters is now the home of quality MSK education of all formats, styles and flavours!

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Jack Chew

founder & Host

Jack is the Director of MSKReform and is known worldwide as a progressive force in the MSK industry, he is especially passionate about raising care quality standards and sees a graduate preceptorship programme and patient partnership projects as the key to these reforms.

Jack march (jim)

project lead

Jim used to write the show timelines and got carried away. He now runs Physio Matters and head’s up a ten-strong team with his unique leadership style which relies heavily on his perfectly coiffed hair.

felicity thow (flic)

team member

Flic made the mistake of going to university with Jack Chew. He relied on her then for her thoroughness, planning and charm so roped her into helping out with Physio Matters on her return to the UK in 2016.

george goodwin

Team member

ln 2016 Physio Matters took on four students to head up a new project and having quickly integrated into the team, they have hung around ever since! In a team of loudmouths, George isn’t one and is instead pleasant and thoughtful.

amelia bell-bentley

Team member

A recent but crucial addition to the team, Amelia joined as an apprentice and has brought brilliant design flair, improving our graphics offering. Amelia’s claim to fame is having worked as an intern at Chews Health HQ over the summer of 2019 without complaining about Mark Reid.

rob tyer

Team member

Rob was an early listener, early reviewer and early team recruit back in 2014! Now an elder statesmen of the team, Rob is rightfully looked up to… by the new recruits… for a few weeks. There’s never a paper he can’t find or a crucial article he’s not aware of! He is the evidence hound of the squad!

charlotte chew

Team role

The ever suffering Mrs Chew is a not-so-silent partner and director of both Chews Health and Physio Matters. A sensitive but fierce leader, Charlotte is famed for ‘cutting the waffle’ out of meetings, policies and podcasts. Her early work editing TPMP earned her the nickname ‘the butcher’.

matt murray-downing

Team role

Another student recruit foolish enough to stick around. Matt (AKA MMD) is considered perhaps the most naturally gifted speaker in the team. Unfortunately though, MMD is also famed for being late to his event sessions and due to his contractual obligations with Versace, he can’t be exposed to studio lighting for any more than 4 minutes a day. 

mark reid

Team role

These days Mark is kept busy as the clinical lead at Chews Health HQ but maintains a crucial role in the Physio Matters events team. Mark’s world view can be summarised as ‘has voice, will argue’, which makes him the perfect Physio Matters reservist as well as a ‘must-follow’ on social media.

tom jesson

Team role

We found him in Northumbria and soon fled to Texas… Considered one of the brightest young minds in the MSK industry, Tom has turned his hand to understanding and translating sciatica research. His penchant for evidence, velvet Geordie accent and sharp wit are tell tale signs of being mentored/groomed by Rob Tyer.

Richard Barnes

Team role

Every few months, rumours spread around the MSK-sphere about a mythical creature who was there with Jack at the start of it all. Someone who helped to encourage the good ideas and beat the bad ones out of him. It is said that still to this day, he leads the line at Physio Matters after-parties to ensure that TPMP’s fun-loving reputation never fades. This may be Richard Barnes.

testimonials & stories

our impact

Physio Matters continues to make an impact through influencing the practice of individuals as well as by mobilising its community to advocate for health and education reforms.

We are at the heart of MSK practice and quite literally have the ear of over 20,000 therapists having produced consistent, high quality education since 2013.

Whether you’re interested in expert opinion podcasts, CPD events, clinical mentoring or policy reform, we have a proven track record of significant impact in these areas and more.

Read just a selection of our testimonials below:


The TPMP team did an amazing job in streaming the Runchatlive International Running Conference 2019. The biggest fear of any conference organiser is issues with filming & streaming. From the moment the TPMP team arrived at the venue, my fear disappeared. Systems were put in place, checks were done, leaving me able to crack on happily with the rest of my duties. Feedback from virtual delegates was excellent: wonderfully clear instructions for joining, perfect video quality, polite & professional online communication throughout. I have had no hesitation in requesting the services of TPMP for this year's Runchatlive Running Conference and would most definitely recommend TPMP to anybody looking for reliability & professionalism.

Matt Phillips
Director - Run Chat Live

The ATOCP ran two very successful conference is 2017 and 2018. TPMP provided social media coverage of the events. This included the streaming of sessions which have been watched by many physiotherapists that couldn’t attend on the day. During both of these events Jack Chew hosted the debates and facilitated a balanced discussion between the opposing sides. TPMP’s presence at the conference vastly increased the ATOCP’s social media presence and was a welcome addition to our events.

Anthony Gilbert
Chair - The ATOCP

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